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003 – Quality Model Planes

Model Air planes are a great way to learn about their history while enjoying the hobby. Today we cover types of airplanes and some modeling tips to use when building your quality model.


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Types Of Quality Airplane Models-

-Masterline 1/48 Sukhoi Su-25 UB/UBK -released june 13 2011

From Kp-Models

-1/32 Scale Hasegawa Model Junkers Ju 87 G-2 “Stuka” Dive Bomber

Great review for this is from Model Aces

To Purchase from Amazon – Hasegawa 1/48 Ju87G-2 Stuka HSG09054

Pegasus 1/72 Junkers Cl.1

Was one of the first all metal aircraft that was built for WW1. The plane was made by Hugo Junkers in germany.

Review by Modeling madness

-1/144 Northrop B2 Bomber

Skill level: 3
Scale: 1:144
Length: 146 mm
Wingspan: 364 mm
Parts: 32

The B-2 bomber was developed as a successor to the outdated B-52 and as an alternative to the unfavourable B-1 bomber. A special, absorbing coating renders the Stealth bomber invisible to radar. The first flight took place at the Edwards AFB on 17.7.1989. Four General Electric F 118-GE 100 engines give the B-2 a maximum speed of 764 km/h at a service altitude in excess of 15,000 metres. Its range when fully laden is 10.00 km, or about 19,000 km with air refuelling.

– Authentic SCRAM weapons system

– Detailed landing gear
– Detailed cockpit
– 4 engines
– Detailed transfer

To Purchase from Amazon – Revell Stealth B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber Model Kit

Maquette 7201 Sikorsky Ilya Muromets WWI Bomber

Was a bomber that also had a cabin for passengers and a on board bathroom. We cover lots of history on this and the maker sikorsky.

Dc 8 Made by MiniCraft Models

Like the DC 8 that crashed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1991. Flown by a Canadian company named national airlines. Is one of the largest Canadian plane disasters. With 261 Deaths.

Kevin thompson from modeling madness reviews has everything you need to know about this kit including history, making and conclusion. Check it out here

If you would like to purchase this from Amazon – Minicraft Models Delta DC-8-71 (Classic Livery) 1/144 Scale

-Minicraft Models Cesna 150 1/48 scale

We talk about how there is also small passenger planes as well Check it out on their website.

Like this kit? Buy it on Amazon – Minicraft Models Cessna 150 1/48 Scale

-Some Techniques that will help when making your model Plane

 Dry Brushing-

We talk a little about what dry brushing is and how to will massively help bring out detail in certain parts of an aircraft. We go on to talk about what you will need and how to execute this fine art.

 Paint Chipping Effect-

In this section we go over how to give your model plane the paint chips that would be seen on a some what dated plane in its original era. We talk about where this usually happens on the plane as well as how to get this effect to work in your favor.

Bringing out your panel lines and more-

Lastly we cover a technique and skill that will help bring out your panel lines rivet holes and much more. Not only do we talk about how to use this skill but also things you can do if it is not working “just right”

So I hope this was able to help out our new modelers to know what kind of scale model airplanes there is out there. As well as show off some of the companies that I think do a fantastic job when it comes to realistic planes with high detail. Also I hope that I was able to share some tips that even our advanced listeners are able to use and maybe grow on when they are building their next model plane. If you have any other suggestions for this topic like something I missed or a better way to do it, Or other ideas on things you would like us to go over, please share that with me so I may keep coming back with quality information for all of us to use. Thanks again!

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