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Finalizing The Hippie Bus

So as most of you know I have been working on the Samba Bus (hippie bus) for my wife. Well as of today it is all finished. I put in all the windows and ended with the front windshield wipers. Over all I think this was a great kit made by Revell and I had tons if fun building and painting this one. It was a skill level 3 which made for a more interesting build. The paint job was solely decided by my wife to how she wanted it. This kit said not to glue the roof down onto the body, but I could not get it to stay attached. So I did lightly glue it down. I am a little disappointed in the art work on the side of the body. The paint did not stay as nice as I would have hoped but what can you do but try. I did look all over for a good set of hippie style decals to use but could not find them anywhere.



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Going all natural

Hello again,

As of right now I currently have one project in the workshop. After making more than enough models for myself I decided to ask my wife if there was anything she would like? I really should have known what she was going to say, ” A Hippie Bus”. Long story short I have been working on a Samba “hippie” Bus.  The kit is a level 3 Revell and actually went together pretty well. Decided to go with a two tone Gloss white and Pearl Purple. I did have a little trouble with the hippie symbols as I could nit find suitable decals for this one. As of tonight all I have left is to put in the windows and attach the windshield wipers. We can get down to the nitty gritty on the next one out of the box.

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