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001 – How to start building models

This episode focuses on the beginner side of modeling but might have something for everyone! A Huge thanks goes out to Raphael Pistachio who created the music for todays episode…


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1.  What you need before you even get started

  • Space- Make sure you have enough room to spread out, Safety come first when dealing with glue and paint. Is your “Workspace” ventilated?
  • Model Kit- Pick one that you will enjoy and not get bored of and keeps your interest, Skill 1-kids snap together,2-more pieces start gluing and painting,3-more pieces yet and more detail.
  • Tools- #11 Exacto blade, Toothpicks, tweezers, brushes – Look at the dollar store first, You don’t need to get the best of the best to begin.
  • Paints- Enamel uses paint thinner for clean up, Acrylic is cleaned up with water. Might be a good idea to open up your kit and look at the instructions to see what colors of paint you will need before you go shopping.
  • Glue Toxicity or Non toxicity
  • Water or paint thinner for clean up

2. Get Started

  • Open up your kit and get a sense of what you have. Familiarize yourself with your kit.
  • Look over instructions – get to know the symbols the manufacturer uses. Like where not to glue, what to put together first.

3.  Tips while making

  • Toothpick to place glue- this allows more control of where you place the glue and keeps it off of your hands.
  • Painting Body-Light coats are always better, Testors amazing air $20 http://www.testors.com/model_and_hobby . Thin out your paints to a “milky” consistency. You can always use spray paint like fusion for plastics. Remember safety with fumes!
  • Dry time- Make sure you let each coat dry enough before next coat. Will make for a better looking body.

4.  House Keeping-

Please feel free to send comments / questions to me. Have ideas for episode 2?

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