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Terrible Timing

The day after I released Episode one my computers operating system was compromised. I have been working ever since to get it back up and start working on episode 2. Now it’s starting to look like I have to get a new computer. Bear with me as I make posts via my iphone4. As well as try to record and edit with a family members computer. I will try and release episodes in a timely manner considering the circumstances.

Thank you for all of your commitment and understanding.


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001 – How to start building models

This episode focuses on the beginner side of modeling but might have something for everyone! A Huge thanks goes out to Raphael Pistachio who created the music for todays episode…


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1.  What you need before you even get started

  • Space- Make sure you have enough room to spread out, Safety come first when dealing with glue and paint. Is your “Workspace” ventilated?
  • Model Kit- Pick one that you will enjoy and not get bored of and keeps your interest, Skill 1-kids snap together,2-more pieces start gluing and painting,3-more pieces yet and more detail.
  • Tools- #11 Exacto blade, Toothpicks, tweezers, brushes – Look at the dollar store first, You don’t need to get the best of the best to begin.
  • Paints- Enamel uses paint thinner for clean up, Acrylic is cleaned up with water. Might be a good idea to open up your kit and look at the instructions to see what colors of paint you will need before you go shopping.
  • Glue Toxicity or Non toxicity
  • Water or paint thinner for clean up

2. Get Started

  • Open up your kit and get a sense of what you have. Familiarize yourself with your kit.
  • Look over instructions – get to know the symbols the manufacturer uses. Like where not to glue, what to put together first.

3.  Tips while making

  • Toothpick to place glue- this allows more control of where you place the glue and keeps it off of your hands.
  • Painting Body-Light coats are always better, Testors amazing air $20 http://www.testors.com/model_and_hobby . Thin out your paints to a “milky” consistency. You can always use spray paint like fusion for plastics. Remember safety with fumes!
  • Dry time- Make sure you let each coat dry enough before next coat. Will make for a better looking body.

4.  House Keeping-

Please feel free to send comments / questions to me. Have ideas for episode 2?

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Finalizing The Hippie Bus

So as most of you know I have been working on the Samba Bus (hippie bus) for my wife. Well as of today it is all finished. I put in all the windows and ended with the front windshield wipers. Over all I think this was a great kit made by Revell and I had tons if fun building and painting this one. It was a skill level 3 which made for a more interesting build. The paint job was solely decided by my wife to how she wanted it. This kit said not to glue the roof down onto the body, but I could not get it to stay attached. So I did lightly glue it down. I am a little disappointed in the art work on the side of the body. The paint did not stay as nice as I would have hoped but what can you do but try. I did look all over for a good set of hippie style decals to use but could not find them anywhere.


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Wally’s Walk

Ah where do I start,

I guess at the age of about 12. I began to make models as a small hobby. Just buying a kit here and there. I would use the testors non toxic glue to put them together, Never once thought about painting any of the parts along the way. This went on for several years, using my allowance to buy a kit, put it together then put it up on the shelf. When I was about 15 or 16 we had a major fire in our house caused by a lighting strike about a foot above my window. This lit up the house in a matter of minutes. Grabbing what I could and getting out of the house my models were in the back of my mind.

As many people know insurance does wonders for replacing lost items. At that time I was not modeling very much but still was able to get about 15 kits. I picked them out off the shelf of the local hobby shop and stacked them in my closet.  As I moved out of my parents house at the age of 19 I ran across the dusty kits. Igniting the passion for modeling once again. However this time I was making my own “allowance” and thought if I was going to start back up I had to do it right. I Picked up about 15 paints and brushes and began to start. When it came time to start the body of my Shelby Colbra I realized this was not a job for the paint brushes I had picked up. After doing some research airbrushing was the only way to go. I went and picked up a small Testors Amazing Air beginners air brush. I took a day or so to get to know the brush. Tried it out on the Shelby and it worked. Not as good as what i thought it would but granted it was only around $20. My lovely wife went out and bought a Badger 200 Single action airbrush for my birthday and I have been loving it ever since. That brings us up to present time.

Thanks for finding out how I got to where I am now. I will be touching on beginner items in more detail in the future.

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Going all natural

Hello again,

As of right now I currently have one project in the workshop. After making more than enough models for myself I decided to ask my wife if there was anything she would like? I really should have known what she was going to say, ” A Hippie Bus”. Long story short I have been working on a Samba “hippie” Bus.  The kit is a level 3 Revell and actually went together pretty well. Decided to go with a two tone Gloss white and Pearl Purple. I did have a little trouble with the hippie symbols as I could nit find suitable decals for this one. As of tonight all I have left is to put in the windows and attach the windshield wipers. We can get down to the nitty gritty on the next one out of the box.

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